Young Dırector Onur Aldoğan at the Faculty of Communıcatıon


Translated by Begüm ERGİNBAY

Graduating from Kocaeli University (KOU) Department Of Civil Engineering, Aldoğan said that he worked at TV Channels and TV programme Makina Kafa, broadcasting by Show TV, as a director of photography. Drawing attention to the easiness of being a video director today, Aldoğan indicated that directing is not as hard as it is thought. Working as director of photography in music videos of artist and bands like Hande Yener, Berkay, Yükesek Sadakat, Zakkum, Aldoğan also directed music videos of artists like Ayşe Saran and Tual. Aldoğan did not recognize himself as an artist. He remarked that artists are not able to make album record sale they desire with the start of downloads.

Speaking about the industry’s retrogression, hardships of graduates from Faculty of Communication, Aldoğan said: “Graduates stick to school so much that they cannot learn the job. They do not participate in any activity which would improve them. And that’s why their place are taken by people who learn the job by getting into.”

Presenting the work composed by his photos as a workshop, Onur Aldoğan said he could help students about photo and video shooting, camera technique, colour quality. Inviting students to his studio, Aldoğan said: “I can give lesson to everyone in my studio. I can teach how to take a good photo. But you need to know the camera you use. Without knowing the camera, you cannot take a good photo.” Speaking about the importance of manipulated photography today, Aldoğan emphasized that manipulated photography is especially used in advertisements.

Aldoğan is going to start working with National Geographic in the new season.

Saying he has many students, young director ended his speech: “Do not overestimate anybody. You can do better.”