TURQALITY Executıve Development Program 12. Term


Translated by Şeyma Nur SALTAŞ

Making opening speech, Sabancı University Rector Prof. Dr. Nihat Berker states “Perception and competition are so significant. We can get our due with perception management. We are in competition at any moment and everywhere. ” He adds “TURQALİTY has a big part in branding and we are happy for being in this program from the beginning.”

Koç University Rector Prof. Dr. Ümran İnan says at the opening speech “We are progressing on the target of 2023.We care about the TURQALİTY program in terms of direction and management. The attendance of these precious universities enriched the program. Congratulations to the participants receiving certificate, we are pleased to work with them.”

Another participant, Bilkent University Rector Assistant Prof. Dr. Kürşat Aydoğan “As Bilkent University, we are attending the TURQALİTY program for the first time. The program is so exciting and we are adopted. As an individual and a foundation, we believe that we will contribute. An exciting period is waiting for us.” says and congratulates the certificated participants.

Istanbul University Rector Assistant Prof. Dr. Sedat Murat states “As İstanbul University we are participating the TURQALİTY program for the first time. As you know IU is the most deep-rooted university. We think of sharing our experience in this program.”

TİM leader makes his speech after the universities, “We are happy to do the honors. With the attendance of the two precious universities, the education will be more qualified. The TURQALİTY executive development program that lasting 22 weeks will be a beneficial occasion for us. The Minister of Economy Nihat Zeybekçi makes the last speech and states, “I want to congratulate on all the participants who are certificated and I wish new participants success. “He continues “As country, no sooner students graduate from the university than we entitle them like graduate students. Graduation from the faculty is not enough for being an engineer, for instance, we might call them like engineer candidate. We should review all of these matters as Turkey.” The Minister says that the program is so successful and progressive along the targets and he wants to thank the participant universities.