Translated by Nuran ATIŞ

“Urbanization of poverty, change of urbanization”.

Prof. Dr. Aydan Gülen was the moderator of the 13th session with the title “Urbanization of Poverty”, Prof Dr. Melikşah Yasin had the topic: “Consideration of Urban Transformation and Fighting with Poverty”; Assistant Prof. Dr. Murat Şentürk had the topic: “Poverty and Response at the Historical City İstanbul” and Bülent Şen had the topic ‘’Migration and Poverty in İstanbul’s City Centre.

“Also Poverty shows the identity of the City”


At the 14th session: ‘’Poverty shows the identity of the city, Prof. Dr.. Melikşah Yasin was the moderator; Assistant Prof. Dr. Seher Kalender Çetinkaya had the topic: “Urban Transformation and Fighting with Poverty” and Lecturer Hanif Budiman had the topic: “Urban Transformation and Riverside Settlement” with examination of: The city Yogyakarta and Indonesia.

What is the governance doing for the fighting of poverty? What should the governance do?

At the 15th session ‘’What is The Governance Doing for The Fighting of Poverty? What Should The Governance do? Prof. Dr. Cemil Kaya was the moderator. Assistant Professor Eren Kalanyuva had the topic: The Role of Reaching of Health of the Governance; Assistant Professor Necip Taha Gür had the topic: Social Helps with Adminstrative Law; Assistant Prof. Dr. Eren Solmaz had the topic: Poverty Albeviation at the Equality of Public Service.’’

Poverty at Labour and Social Security Law


At the crime and punishment film festival the 16th and last session was with an administration of Prof. Dr. Fetih Gedikli, Lawyer Necip Şenel and Lawyer Merve Dömen. The session continued with the presentation “Severance Pay and Minimum Wage”. At the last conversation the lawyer Merve Dömen had the presentation: “Children and Women Workers” and “Worker without insurance”. The Lawyer Dömen said that there are ways that workers without insurance can appeal. She also said that children are obliged to work early, that is because of poverty. Working of children is known at every period of history.

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