Translated by Betül YÜNCÜOĞLU

Founders of Scorp which made a great progress by being downloaded 30 thousand times in its first month on AppStore, told about how they developed the application and gave some information about “Scorp”.

İÜ Academic Member of Faculty of Communication Prof. Dr. Ceyhan Kandemir “We discuss happenings in the transit point between traditional media and digital media in the aspect of both production and application. Today, our guests have important informations about digital world. They will inform us about how social media transformed into an application” said in his speech.


İÜ Academic Member of Faculty of Communicaiton Assoc. Prof. Özgü Yolcu said “Scorp is a social media application. It entered into service short while ago. Their breakout was very successful and fast. Because first of all, we don’t encounter an aplication made in Turkey. Secondly, it was made and dreamed by university students. I think it will be an important presentation in every respect.”


Koç University 3th Grade student Serkan Işık from the team of Scorp talked about Scorp application’s creation saying “Our starting point was ‘why we cannot make an application globally?’ We have very intense youthful population. While there is a huge population who uses social media very often, we don’t have our own social media globally and why not?”


Koç University Department of Media 4th Grade student İzzet Zakuto who underlined the importance of being a team about entrepreneurship and said “The first string is 50-60 person but there is 300 person team in the background. Making the team is the most essential point in the aspect of entrepreneurship.” Having talked about the difficulties they had, they had the audiences watched the videos uploaded on application.

Videos Are Maximum 15 Seconds

Users form a title first in the Scorp aplication whose name comes from Scorpion in English and qualified as video dictionary. Under this title, users can share their opinions via 15 seconds videos. Topics which are in hot agenda or daily spoken can be created as a title. Scorp is also expressed as giving an opinion and discussion platform.


Soon on Android

In Scorp App that there is an university section among categories, new features will be added soon. Aplication runned with App Store, can be used on Android operating system with the new features.