Satellıte Gokturk-2 Scannıng The World

Translated by Aamina URAL

Gokturk-2 Turkey’s first native exploration observation satellite high resolution in approximately 2 years took its 10 thousandth cycle.

According to Anadolu Agency’s Presidency of General Staff’s internet site, Gokturk-2, sent to space on 18th December 2012,approximately made 4 thousand communications and took 4 thousand 800 image screenings  from Air Force Command associated with Exploration Satellites Command in Ankara Ahlatlıbel .

Cycles Earth in 98 Minutes

With the native satellite imaging from different locations 9 million 850 thousand per square kilometer area contained. From 1 million 650 per square kilometer of the contained area is in Turkey. Satellite Gokturk-2’s 685 kilometers high orbital around the earth completes its cycle in 98 minutes. The satellite has 2 cycles to be day and night and communicates in total of 5 to 6 different times. With Satellite Gokturk-2’s spot, wide area, stereo imaging it can take images from anywhere on earth and in communications channel Trans missioning to its earth station.

High Speed Data Interchange

Reformed and produced with national capability, with satellite Gokturk-2 there is no international limitations about screening anywhere on earth. The Satellite is 640 kilometers high and 20 kilometers wide 1 strips image has the capability of high data intercommunications. Satellite Gokturk-2 computers, software usage and health data plans of lifelong continues on normal levels.