Research About The Fırst Socıetıes Worked ın Agrıculture


Translated by Betül YÜNCÜOĞLU
Prof. Dr. Özdoğan emphasized that they work for resurfacing prehistorical cultures and excavation is very essensial for science. He also said, “Aşağıpınar served as a bridge to transfer developing cultures in Anatolia to Europe. The primal era we have reached is BC 6200. So we are prior to today for 8200 years. We reveal primitive farmers’ settlements. We reveal primal cultivation culture which developed in Anatolia. We can see how natural environment changed here, formation process of forest cover, Anatolia’s life style, how village life changed here. Aşağıpınar is a natural gate that connects Balkans to Europe.
Prof. Dr. Özdoğan stated that soul of European cultures formed in excavation site where they work. He said, “This excavation site has become an interesting centre in science. What we are looking for here are first farming societies, birth of agriculture, birth of country life, birth of farming business, developing life in Anatolia.”

Animal Models Will Be Created

Prof. Dr. Özdoğan told that they were preparing a project to arouse natural life in neolithic era. Özdoğan stated that they would make domestic and wild animal models people hunted BC 6200 years ago and he said that they were going to exhibit these models. He also said “This project is universally the first. We are going to make animal models lived here and became extinct like lion, neat cattle, sheep, goat, deer.
Prof. Dr. Özdoğan implied that the people lived there were mostly nourished with wheat, barley,rye, mutton, beef and goat. he said that the people came here from Anatolia, started to make dish and prepared food in it. He continued “When we analyse dregs left in dishes, it is accurately revealed that people used dairy products before 6 thousand years ago. This is very essential progress for science. We saw that they boiled the milk. Very interesting discovery.” He also expressed, excavations would continue in the next 3 years.