Publıc Relatıons ın Turkey and The World

Ajans Universite-Efe ALTAY
Translated by Aamina URAL

Dr.Zehra Gungor IPRA World President and Stage Communication Consultancy Agency President at the conference she spoke about where the carreer in public relations stand. Also said Turkey’s International field hasn’t fallen behind other countries.

Gungor spoke about Turkey’s lacks: ‘’One of the lacks in Turkey’s public relations field is English’’. Dr.Zehra Gungor says nothing is too late. Experts that can’t use English fluently won’t be possible to reach a point. Turkey has lacks to be interagating for the world.

Dr.Zehra Gungor answered participants’ questions, she answered one participents’ question about women emploment in public relations.

“Public Relations is a field in the world that mostly men work in.In Turkey, women are more in this field.” But men in developed countries choose this field too. The reason is that men tend towards management consultation. This career in Turkey started its way with wrong perceptions. A girl with a short skirt in front of a restaurant was considered as public relationist. Cooperations who knew the importance of this work learned that it’s not only about media relations changed the aspect of this career. Said: I don’t think in any field men and women should be seperated. There are people in every career; no seperation between men and women. Women give up because of some family reasons. Otherwise there’s no situation of uncapability. No career has a specific sex.”