Movıes and Dramas Dıscussed ın Golden Orange Festıval

Translated by Hakan TOSUN, Zeynep ÇELEBİ

In the panel themed “Cinema Films of Dramas?” which took place at 10 o’clock in the Olbia A hall of Akdeniz University, Istanbul University Communication Studies Faculty Ass. Prof. Mesut Aytekin, Ass. Prof. Ümit Sarı, famous artists İştar Gökseven and Özge Özpirinçci participated as speakers. The moderator of the panel, which received considerable attention from students and faculty members, was Akdeniz University Communication Studies Faculty Ass. Dean Prof. Dr. Nurdan Akıner.
In the panel where cinema films and dramas are considered from the point of the sector and the audience, while an answer to the question “Did Television Dramas Get Ahead Of Cinema Films?” was trying to be found, the subjects “the time spared for TV, the situation of the sector from the point of labourers, the effect of dramas to the cinema” were discussed in detail.
In the panel, Ass. Prof. Ümit Sarı made a presentation named “Turkish Television Dramas” and Ass. and Prof. Mesut Aytekin made a presentation named “Children Of The Same House: Cinema Movies and Television Dramas”.

Drama Sector Is Growing

Ass. Prof. Ümit Sarı examining the drama sector from past to present, stated that our first drama is the drama Aşk-ı Memnu that was broadcasted on TRT in 1975. He stated that although it consisted of 6 episodes in its first version, the version in our day has to continue for 79 episodes because of the audience, advertisement and rating triangle. Ass. Prof. Ümit Sarı emphasised that te production techniques which improve in parallel to the development of technology, the improving quality of scenario and visualization in dramas are important factors for exporting dramas, and recently the dramas which were exported to 75 different countries reached 400 million people and it created a 150 million dollar sector. Ass. Prof. Ümit Sarı underlined the fact that in a study made in 2012, we spent 264 minutes in front of TV and continued by saying, “Dramas are places at top of ratings by broadcasting old and new episodes. Seeing that, TV channels make more episodes with longer time because they seek for economical benefits. For a drama series to be successful, channels prefer known companies with good scenario and better advertisement rates. Sarı stated that dramas effect cinema films in a good way and lastly he added, “the movie ‘Çalgı Çengi’ was shot with a crew not well known by the society and 6.000 people watched it. But when it became better known with the drama series ‘İşler Güçler’ which broadcasted the same crew, the other movie ‘Düğün Dernek’ was watched by 6.8 million people and this shows the effect of dramas to cinema.”

Series Are Moving To Cinema

Ass. Prof. Dr. Aytekin made a statement about the first 9 months of Turkish cinema in 2013 and 2014 and informed about the last situation of this industry explicatively.
Ass. Prof. Dr. Aytekin who says that 88 movies of 326 cinema movies which come out in Turkey in 2013 are Turkish films said “Compound average growing of our cinema is %10.1 in 2013 for one year. 2013 was pretty productive. The number of cinema audience for 10 Turk movies passed firstly 1 million in 2013. Düğün Dernek, CM101MMXI Fundamentals, Celal ile Ceren, Kelebeğin Rüyası, Selam, Hükümet Kadın 1 and 2, Romantik Komedi 2, Benim Dünyam and Su ve Ateş. There were 27 Turkish movies but in 2013 this number was 88. BKM was the company which has the biggest market share in Turkey in 2013. The number of Turkish audience increased and it was %57.7. A great raise at the revenue was seen together with the number of audience. The revenue of Turkish films is 270,5 million. Turkish films have %54 of the revenue. 263 films that 69 of them are Turkish films came out at the first 9 months of 2014. 41 million people watched these films. In according to last year, the watching rate for Turkish films and the revenue increased.”
Ass. Prof. Dr. Aytekin who says that comedy and love films were watched by much more audiences in Turkey also said that series are moved to cinema and series industry supports cinema in many ways. Ass. Prof. Dr. Aytekin who says that series that strengthen production companies’  hands get fund cinema films and conduce to grow directors, cast, other sector staff, said that crew (like Selcuk Aydemir, Onur Unlu and Birol Guven) that come together with the series found a good synergy and reflected it at cinema.

“Theatre Audience Changing To Mall Audience”

The famous actor Goksever who says closing the theatre and cinema houses and ignoring theatre like at old times upset himself said “Theatre means a building. Unless there is a building, you can not perform theatre, too. Nowadays our theatres are even closing at Istanbul which is the capital of culture. Cinema houses are moving to malls but cinemas can not be squeezed into malls. This situation changes theatre audience to mall audience.”

“The Crew Behind the Scenes is A Great Problem in This Sector”

The famous actress Ozge Ozpirincci who says that rating is specified with 2500 rating devices and this situation effects everybody from gaffers to tea makers, cameramen to players said “I have not ever seen any rating device. I do not know who analyse it. All companies give ads in according to these data. When we started a series, we worked at the least 18 hours. I was playing what is given at stage to me and after this, I was going my home and sleeping there but the crew behind the scenes is working under hard conditions. The real great problem is them at this industry. Producer never make a loss but he just makes a loss from his profit. If a solution is not found for this situation, I do not believe that series industry will get better.”
Ozpirincci who says that “I agree to work with the half of the money that I got.” said that there were deaths so that producers could make more profit and striking like writers in USA can prevent the long working hours. Ozge Ozpirincci who gives answer to students’ questions about the working hours said “We were working 6 or 7 days in a week and the least 18 hours in a day. I was the actress. I was going to the stage. I was putting on my costumes and making up and finally I was playing my stages. After this, I was going my home and sleeping but the crew behind the scenes is working under hard conditions. The real great problem is them at this industry. I think producer never make a loss but he just makes a loss from his profit.
The panel that continues along two hours ended after the part of question-answer.