Mevlana Exchange Program Changes Lıves

Translated by Şeyma Nur SALTAŞ

Becoming valid with the regulations that published in Official Gazette (21st August 2011 dated and 28034 numbered), Mevlana exchange program gives opportunity to exchange among domestic higher education institutes and foreign higher education institutes.

With the aim of making Turkey the attraction center in the field of higher education, the program has visions such as expanding the academic capacity of higher education institutes, making them reach the global standards and supply the intercultural interaction sharing Turkey’s cultural heritage.

The program as distinct from others opens up opportunity to receive education from all higher education institutes without regional discriminating.

The students want to attend the exchange program can profit by it at least 1 and at most 2 terms and instructors can attend the teaching activities at least 1 week and at most 3 months.

Mevlana Exchange Program’s Scholarship Opportunities

The sum of money will be paid to students during the study period could be different in regard to country’s economic standards. According to the law numbered 5102 on higher education scholarship and credit, the student attended to Mevlana exchange program can be paid at a particular proportion. This proportion is rated by YÖK executive council and could be threefold of the scholarship that paid before.

Benefits of the Program

The program brings the students in expressing themselves and analytical point of view in addition that the students have the opportunity to improve their foreign language level and meet different culture. Besides lecturing overseas, the instructors have chance of doing studies with academic point of view.

The students must have 2.5 GPA (grade point average) with the formal education requirement and graduate students must have 3.00 GPA. 50 percent language proficiency and 50 percent GPA effect the evaluation of application.
Students and instructors who sign Mevlana exchange program’s protocol can get the required documents from internet address or coordination office of Mevlana exchange program. The application can be finished by filling in the form and delivering it to the coordination office.

Istanbul University (IU) Has 19 Agreements With 12 Universities

İU has MDP agreements with 19 universities in Russia, Albanian, China, Azerbaijan, South Korea, Kyrgyzstan, Iran, Malaysia, Jordan, Pakistan, Canada, and Kazakhstan. The first exchangement happens in 2013-2014 academic year with 80 students and instructors, 15 of these changes fall, 65 take place in the spring semester.