Translater – Duygu KOCAOĞLU

First session of the event which was held at the Istanbul University Ord. Prof. Cemil Birsel Conference Hall started with the presentation of the ‘’’’ Vice President of Marketing Boğaç Göncü.

Starting from talking about his experience at the sector, Göncü continued to his speech with brief information about online marketing. Göncü, who also informed about the working process of, said that “Do not fear the instability, the important thing is keeping your radars open. Carry on with anything you have at the very moment. The biggest mistake that you can ever make is being instable, so you have to carry on’’.

Second session of the event continued with the presentation of the Director of Communication and E-Commerce of BKM Express Sami Eydilli. Opening his speech by underlining the importance of digitalizing of marketing “E-Commerce is growing rapidly both for Turkey and the rest of the World. The numbers that you see, are taking notice because it is billions. There is a very rapid growth and the commerce is becoming a part of the online world.” Eydilli said.

Eydilli, who also gave his respect to the share and influence of the mobilization of the E-Commerce finished his speech stating that  “In Turkey, there are 58 millions of active credit cards at the very moment. 24 millions of them are E-Commerce available. As we can see clearly, there is an open market of 34 millions and it is indeed a very suitable field to commerce.’’

Third session of the “Marketing 6.16 Event” which was started with the presentation of the Director of Marketing of Türk Telekom Ömer Barbaros Yiş, who also talked about marketing, said that “Economics as a field is a part of the Economy itself, there are many perspectives, to be clear everybody in the marketing has a different perspective. Marketing as a sector can change every single day.”

Highlighting the major change that social media made with the concepts of marketing and commercial sectors, finalized his presentation stating “Nowadays if a client finds you by chance, they simply do not let you go untill their problem finalizes. To be successful in the new era of marketing, one has to know the economy and the client well and analyze well, because the biggest income you can get in the marketing business is depends on making the client happy.”

The event continued with the presentations of Sabancı BimSA, Red&Grey and Marjinal Porter Novelli. After the event the contributers were given Certificate of Participation.