Joan Mıró’s “Stars” In Istanbul

Translated by Aamina Ural

With Sabancı Holding’s contributions that lasted approximately 3 years, the exhibition opened including maturity phase masterpieces, also borrowed materials from Mayorka Pilar and Joan Miró foundation. Museum of Sakıp Sabancı’s curator Dr.Nazan Ölçer, spoke about those hard 3 years: “We started communicating with the Miró foundation 3 years ago. Our dream was to complete the circle of Spain’s great 3 masters Picasso and Dali. Taking  the artist’s essential ‘woman,birds and stars’ to the center, we wanted to bring Miró closer to the Turkish people’’.

The exhibition will be open to visitors between 23 September-1 Febuary. At the exibition mediterranean affects,poetic explanations, women, birds, stars theme will be present. The purpose of the exibition is to display the artist’s versatility and presents different methods of art works. Besides the bronze statuary and ceramics there will be a documentary put on display spotting Miró’s secret world.

The exhibition is contained with 125 pieces of artwork, oil paintings, acrylic paintings and lithograph in addition to Miró’s assemblage technique the sculptures stages, models and drawings are being displayed together. Answering the questions before exibition, Miro Foundations Director Rosa Maira Palet mentioned her pleasure about Miro’s world reaching to Turkish art lovers. Palet continued her words : “Miro taking humanity’s familiar topics, Sabancı foundation worked hard for bringing it to Turkey. To share Miro’s big treasure was our duty .While exploring the exibition you feel freedom and the artist’s maturity phase.’

On the exibition’s opening day, there will be a conference that Joan Miro’s grandchild Joan Punyet Miro joins as a speaker. At the conference named “Through grandchild Joan Punyet Miro’s eyes: The artist Joan Miro”, clues will be given to understand the exibition better. As part of the exibition, special art workshops will be open for children. These workshop entries will be free as the entries to the conference.