Translated by Betül Yüncüoğlu

Application studies of “İÜWEBTV Speaker Workshop” have ended. 24 students attended İÜWEBTV Speaker Workshop whose coordinators are İÜWEBTV Content Coordinator Asst. Prof. Mesut Aytekin and İÜWEBTV Programme Coordinator Res. Asst. Seda Kandemir. After theoretical and practical studies are made, students are given letter of application. After the workshop, held on Fridays at İÜ Faculty of Communication Pocket Cinema and University’s Main Campus, two television programmes are produced like “Birebir Kitap” and “Birebir Sinema”.

In İÜWEBTV Speaker Workshop, students improved their oratory talents by making some exercises in order to fix their diction mistakes. They had the chance to experience different programme types as speakers and learned how to control their excitement in front of the camera and audience. They applied what they’ve learned on İÜWEBTV programmes.

New workshops will be held in the next broadcast season.

Students Have the Basic Information

Res. Asst. Seda Kandemir who is the teacher of İÜWEBTV Speaker Workshop said that one of the most important achievements of this workshop is the awareness of students’ way of speaking and diction and also said: “While they are speaking they notice their mistakes and correct themselves at that moment and this is a huge step to be a speaker. Being a speaker requires renewing oneself, being creative, improvisation skills, reading a lot and working hard. This workshop gives you only the basic information. What takes you to success is to work hard, work always in the light of these information.

Speaker Workshop from Students’ Eyes

İÜWEBTV News Bullentin speaker İÜ Faculty of Communication Radio Television and Cinema Department student Hilal Taş stated that speaker workshop is a really good step for vocational education. Taş who emphasized that being a speaker is her childhood dream said: “I follow my dreams and work on it. All the good things start with a dream. Since I was born, I dreamt and followed my dreams.”

Speaker of İÜWEBTV “Üniversitemiz” programme and student of Radio Television and Cinema Department İzem Başoğlu said: “The workshop helped me to express myself better, to breath properly, to improve myself about being a speaker. For example, I used to talk too fast and it was a problem for me. Now I can control my speech easily.”

The workshop had participant from other faculties as well. Speaker of “Bizim Çocuklar” programme and student of İÜ Faculty of Letters English Language and Literature Department Elif Saatçıoğlu said that she noticed the mistakes while speaking Turkish thanks to these lessons. She also said that she learned how to speak effectively in front of the camera.