The opening speeches of the ceremony that started with a moment of silence and Turkish National Anthem, given by IU Rector Prof. Dr. Mahmut Ak, IU Dean of Istanbul Medical Faculty Prof. Dr. Bahaüddin Çolakoğlu, Head of IU Technology Transfer Application and Research Center Prof. Dr. Erol Ince and Project Coordinator of “Future’s Three Dimensional Wonders” IU Istanbul Medical Faculty Research Associate Dr. Leyla Türker.

“An Important Attainment On Behalf Of Our University”

IU Rector Prof. Dr. Mahmut Ak, indicates that 3D Medical and Industrial Laboratory will be a laboratory which provides important conveniences in the field of medicine, said “I am experiencing the pride of overcoming the activity which’s consequences were appeared in a short time together in Turkey where the problems of university hospitals are discussed. This laboratory is an important development and attainment on behalf of our university. We see that the field of research and service advanced to a certain target and degree with this opening. We received a proud reward from our President as being an university that has applied for patent the most in Turkey. We took the reward with 57 patent applications. We hope that this number will increase day by day.”

Rector Prof. Dr. Mahmut Ak emphasized that the students of Istanbul University turn into a generation which is a hope for Turkey with the education of precious academic staff, finished his speech with the words “This laboratory, these efforts and this staff shows that our hopes got worth.Here with we want to crown these works with not only the university’s opportunities but also the share holders and supporte rinstitutions. This was a process in which we targeted long-termed huge works in short time and this was the synergy we hoped. By the precious guidance of Technology Transfer Center and the support of Istanbul Development Agency, this success has been achieved. I would like to indicate one more time that it is important to be up on all the support from outside of the institution in order to achieve this kind of success. It is obvious that this laboratory will not only provide good studies but also be an institution which promote the likes of it. I would like to state that we wait for these kind of works passionately and hopefuly from you valuable academics and thank you all warmly for your presence, your efforts and your guidence on behalf of both our university and myself.

“It’s An Honour To Have MIDLab”

IU Dean of  Istanbul Medical Faculty Prof. Dr. Bahaüddin Çolakoğlu stating that he is proud of the university’s having this laboratory, said “I visited the laboratory and whatched the studies. Cosmetic surgery is performing studies with dentistry cooperatively. Especially dentists are making implantation. Cosmetic surgeons will make a set of operations on chin, are developing prototypes. A surgery operated in two hours will be operated in much shorter time. In this respect thank you to all my friends those who contributed.”

“Strong Substructure In Order To ActualizeTechnology Products”

By thanking to whom contributed Head of IU Technology Transfer Application and Research Center Prof. Dr. Erol Ince, expressed “Coherent, experienced staff and personnel who are specialists on their fields have been assigned in the establishment and management of this laboratory. 3D Medical and Industrial Design Laboratory is a laboratory that will provide strong substructure in order to actualize high technology products of university within our country’s 2023 vision. In this regard, as an Istanbul University we signed a contract within the patent cooperation in order to take the ideas will be produced in here under protection and within this protocol it will be possible to get patent for every product produced in here. It is also important to commercialize the creative products will be occured in this laboratory.”

“We Entered Into Innovation Ecosystem With Our Patents”

Stating that they increased the global competitive power in the field of health technology by this laboratory, Project Coordinator of “Future’s Three Dimensional Wonders” IU Istanbul Medical Faculty Research Associate Dr. Leyla Türker Şener, said “Our laboratory went into action at december after the process which contains meetings of project team, determination of laboratory’s location, alteration and obtaining the devices. We accomplished our works in the field of health technology with the academics and students of  our two important medicine faculties and faculty of dentistry by effecting each other. We thought, developed, designed what we can do in this field and entered into innovation ecosystem with our patents, projects. We started to make presentations in departments. We established a communication network on mail and social media. Our academics and students gathered and started stream of ideas on the multidisciplinary work field.

Saying that they will contribute humanity by producting products with high added-value in international value chain, Research Associate Dr. Şener stated that “we applied for 20 patents in 4 month safter the opening. In our studio, the ones who are interested in three dimensional printer learned how touse it, the ones who have innovative ideas made their drawings, the ones who have problem analysis designed their works. We completed two patent and project writing educations. One of the students we have supported from Istanbul Medical Faculty became first in a project competition.”

After the speeches the ribbon of 3D Medical and Industrial Design Laboratory was cut.

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