Translated by Merve REİSOĞLU

After the match between eye movements and computer screen or mobile device, the look is deeply examined in “Human Computer Interaction Laboratory”. The eye tracking device records 60 movements of the eye within a second. This enables the evaluation of the behaviour without any questioning.

“Analyzing Through The First Focalization”
By means of eye tracking device several tests can be done. One of the most impressive test of all is the 5 second test. With this test; a person sees a logo, prototype, website or object for 5 seconds. Afterwards, different perspectives can be analyzed. Heat maps, the first focusing time can be assessed and marking the visual’s different parts; for each part analysis can be done through this device. It differenciates the terms “looking” and “focusing”. Beyond considering the first look, the device analyzes through first focalization.
“Web Pages Are The Windows of Institutions to The Real World”
IU Informatics Head of the Department Prof. Dr. Sevinç Gülseçen says “Human-computer interaction works can be considered new in informatics field. Specifically, in recent years, due to the intimate bond between human and computers, the interaction has increased. We started this project by thinking, examining the bond between two sides would result better. After hard working, we established this laboratory in January 2016. We care so much about this project because it is an enterprise of our university. This project aims at using IU’s web site in a much beneficial way by analyzing it. Web pages are the windows of institutions to the real world. If a web page has vast content and if this content of the web page reaches the people conveniently, it can be said that this web page is well known among people.”

“This Project Gives Answers to the Needs of Informatics”
Prof. Dr. Sevinç Gülseçen concluded her speech by saying “This laboratory of our university not only provides service to its own academicians, students or staffs but also provides service to informatics sector and its institutions in this field because they have significant need of their websites to be analyzed. Our aim is to answer this demand in a way. Accordingly, we will meet the demands of both our university and the real world.

Istanbul University’s Availability Measured
It is aimed that the availability analysis of the website which is used by academicians and students can be done by means of this project. With this project, besides the availability of desktop access into the websites, the mobile access to the websites can be tested. The “Tobii” branded eye tracking device will be used. The most important atribute of this device is having an apparatus which supports experimental works together with mobile devices. For instance, for Tobii X2 series, they developed 12,6 inches and below 12,6 inches mobile device. This condition supports leading an experiment via mobile phones and tablets.

“Eye Tracking Method Used”
In eye tracking method, an eye tracking device is integrated into the computer which has convenient attributes. During the test, the users need a control and observation mechanism to record and analyze the operation on computer they did. This observation and control mechanism has also a special software on computer as if the eye tracking device which also has an exclusive software. With “Human – Computer Interaction Laboratory” Istanbul Universiy’s website availability will be analyzed. After the results of this analysis, the IU’s website availability will be increased. The use of current research techniques contributes to Istanbul University’s prestige at an international level. Another significant output of these works is the necessary software and devices will be brought to the university even if they are at the basic level.
Human computer Interaction Laboratory’s equipments are supported by IU Scientific Research Projects Coordination Unit with 40421 numbered project. In this project, with the academic consultancy of IU Informatics Head of the Department Prof. Dr. Sevinç Gülseçen, IU Informatics Research Assistant Emre Akadal, Research Assistant Tuba Uğraş, Research Assistant Şebnem Özdemir and IU Center for Research Practise in Computer Sciences staffs Sibel Güveli ile Tunç Akça take part in. For more information visit the website by using this link:

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