Hıstorıcal Mosque Restorated ın Edırne


Translated by Şeyma Nur Saltaş

Istanbul University faculty member and the excavation chief of Enez Castle Prof.Dr. Sait Başaran says the mosque will be restored by Edirne Regional Directorate of Foundation. He also states that they are performing basic works for the restoration for now, bearing capacity and stiffness of the construction are primarily important for now:

“Italian team is on  preaperation phase of the restoration project. They will present a restoration project. Actually the restoration project accepted by the Preservations Board ,but,in case of the possible changes during the restoration, new suggestions will be offered. We are drilling. We are making basic researches inside and the out side of the mosque localized by Edirne Preservations of Cultural Property and Preservation Board.”

Başaran states that they aim to start the renovations next year.

Source: AA