Festıval of Photography ın Beşıktaş

Translated by Begüm ERGİNBAY

Festival takes place in squares of Beşiktaş and brings millions of people the art of photography with open air exhibitions. 1st International Beşiktaş Festival of Photography FotoIstanbul fictionalizes the stories of cities and people with photos in a framework of the theme of ‘Cities and Stories’.

Bridging the gap between east and west, classic and modern, master and student, photos in FotoIstanbul are exhibited in a century-old abandoned orphanage, shipping containers and streets. Guests include Murat Germen, Christopher Anderson, Ozan Sagdic, Yuri Kozyrev, Jamie Wellford, Bieke Depoorter, Ilker Gurer, Julianna Beasley, Yusuf Dariyerli, Matt Stuart, Goksin Varan, Ata Kam, and many more……

FotoIstanbul includes over 50 exhibitions, 80 slideshows, 6 workshops. Lectures by artists, educators, designers, and editors, as well as free portfolio reviews also take place in the most impressive festival in Turkey and İstanbul FotoIstanbul.

Source : www.besiktas.bel.tr