Translated by Betül YÜNCÜOĞLU

Sooner or later we are going to have some problems caused by aging. The most seen problems: feel loneliness after one of the partners dies, having difficulty in daily movements, addiction to reminiscence, stucking in the past, felling useless, several disease and fear of death. On the other hand according to some researches, people’s emotional intelligences and thinking abilities are increasing as they age.

According to experts, problem solving ability and positive tendency towards problems are developing as people get old. Briefly, old people becomes wiser. There are some advices to live more healthy. Protection of daily water, protein and carbohydrate balance is very important. Regular walkings and exercises at certain times in a day helps to keep individual’s fit. The habitat we live in should be healthy. Stress management should be learnd even if we cannot escape. There must be regular sleep routine.

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