Elastıc Battery for Wearable Devıces


Translated by Betül YÜNCÜOĞLU

A design of thin and bendable battery is a useful invention for every kind of wearable technological products. The company named Imprint Energy from California, designs ultra-thin batteries and wants to help spreading these devices. Current lithum-based battery designs are neither elastic nor light. The thin dry cell which Imprint Energy designed must be auspicious because the company has already taken 6 million dollars fund from several investor sources.

New thin dry cells are to be made up of zinc and a kind of polymer mixture. Also, since it is more stable element, lithium does not cause oxygen reaction, so protection options are not needed as the former. As zinc-based, elastic and secure dry cell technology progresses, it will be possible to minimize these designs and supply power not only for wearable devices and clothes but also for electronic devices that entrench the body. Moreover, another use of it will be running smart labels in the fields of packaging and logistics.

Source: Milliyet