Educatıon Programme for Kazakstan Students


Translated by Betül YÜNCÜOĞLU

Among the actions of TİKA’s about Kazakstan, the cooperation with Presidency Academy of Public Administration, has an important place.

Like foundation of translation center in 2013 and translator deployment in 2014, there have been considerable support efforts of TİKA. Academy, demanded for support to arrange a two week law education programme for Prosecution Institution students in İstanbul University. Demand was accepted by IU Faculty of Law Deanery and the education programme was arranged. Kazakstan Presidency Public Administration Academy’s 19 postgraduate student have come to Turkey and, started to study about Turkish Law System.

Programme, started with an opening ceremony participating with Faculty of Law Dean Prof. Dr. Adem Sözüer. Prof. Dr. Sözüer, said that they had collaborated with other universities from different part of the world before but their communication with Kazakstan was weak, so they accepted Kazakstan Presidency Public Administration Academy’s demand with pleasure. He also said that they were happy to see candidates of prosecution and judges in IU and emphasized that TİKA’s coordination is very important for that.

The students who are going to work as prosecution and judge said that they were happy to be in Turkey and how important for them to learn and observe Turkish system which is in Europen law system with this two week educational programme. Participants, thanked to TİKA and İstanbul University for supporting to organize this education programme.