Translated by Betül YÜNCÜOĞLU 

“Unlike” button can be a way for people to express emphaty Mark Zuckerberg said during an question and answer meeting. He said “Some users have been constantly asking me for a dislike button since the introduction of the now-iconic like button in 2009.” Finally Facebook is working on it Zuckerberg said. According to Zuckerberg, Facebook is very close to having it ready for users testing. He also said he did not want this button to become a mechanism with which people could down vote for others posts.

“For Sad Posts”

Instead, dislike button will be for situations when clicking “like” on sad posts felt insensitive. Social media expert Prof. Andrea Forte from Philedelphia Drexel University stated users would not attack each other. Forte said “They can use it to express negative feeling like disturbance of an advertisement. But I don’t think people would use dislike button for their friends’ babies, cars, cats or their cooking experiences.


Source : BBC

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