Translated by: Elif SAATÇİOĞLU, Betül BAL

Stating that the World Communication Forum that is being held since 2010, which is the extension of World Economy Forum of Switzerland, will be held in Istanbul University this year Prof. Dr. Vural said it contains great amount of meaning and importance due to the fact that it is the very first organization of Davos in Turkey.
Prof. Dr. Vural said “Davos Economy Forum is one of the most important economy forums in which the successful researches are done. Five years ago from now. Beside the Economy Forum the Communication Forum was gathered in order to discuss the daily issues of communication. Communication is being discussed from its various aspects in this forum that the worldwide famous communication professionals are attending.”

“I Was the First One Who Was Invited On Behalf Of Turkey”
Stating that the 12 leading communication professors of the world were attended the last meeting of World Communication Forum Davos that gathered in Kuala Lumpur the capital of Malaysia last year, Prof. Dr. Vural said that he was the first one who was invited on behalf of Turkey.
Prof. Dr. Vural explained his idea of gathering Davos Communication Forum in Turkey, “In the meeting that I attended I made some negotiations and small meetings after the presentations. I explained Turkey’s geopolitical state and its importance due to the crises it is going through. My idea was accepted by the Forum’s corporate office in Switzerland and it is decided to occur with the theme of “Crises and Struggle” under the name of “Davos Communication Forum Istanbul”  Prof. Dr. Vural saying that Davos Communication Forum Istanbul will be hosted by, İstanbul University, stated that Forum has a great importance on the aspect of reputation and recognizability of our university worldwide.
Mentioning that it will be important to communication professionals to follow the events closely, Prof. Dr. Vural expressed that the names will be attending the Forum are not decided yet but regardless the Forum will be held with the attendance of communication professionals from Turkey and worldwide.
Prof. Dr. Vural, lastly stated that the Faculty of Communication and Press and Public Relations Directorate is working intensely for the “Davos Communication Forum Istanbul”
“Davos Communication Forum Istanbul” will be held in Istanbul University Congress and Culture Center and Ord. Prof. Dr. Cemil Bilsel Auditorium in November 3-4 in 2016.

Haberin Türkçe Versiyonu: Davos İletişim Forumu İstanbul’da