Cyclıng for the Republıc


Translated by Begüm ERGİNBAY

Istanbul University (IU) Bicycle Club member students come to Düzce in the ‘Respect to Atatürk’ bicycle tour for 91st anniversary of the Republic, starts in İstanbul and ends in Ankara.
Arrived in Düzce by cycling approximately 250 kilometre, 17 cyclist gathers in Anıtpark after city tour.
Speaking for the group, club member Özge Can says that they departed from IU Beyazıt Campus two days ago and arrived in Düzce by covering a distance of 250 kilometre.
Telling that they cycled an average of 100 kilometre a day, Can says “We have approximately 200 kilometres to arrive in Ankara. We will have covered a distance of 456 kilometre. We think about participating in celebration in Ankara on 29th October. Probably we will be in Ankara at night on 28th October.”
Asserting that as university students they organized the event to protect the Republic, Can says “We wanted an event special for the 91st anniversary. We aim to appear before Atatürk with our 17-person group teamed up by Istanbul University students.
After the statement, the group headed to Ankara accompanied by police officers.

Source: AA