Celebratıng 100th Years of Forestry Collaboratıon Between Austrıa And Turkey


Translated by Betül YÜNCÜOĞLU

With the participations of Turkey’s Ministry of Forestry and Water Affairs, Austria Ministry for Agriculture, Environment, Forestry and Water Management, Consulate General, University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU) and The Austrian Forest Owner Cooperative “100th Anniversary of Forestry Collaboration Between Austria and Turkey” celebrated in Istanbul University(İÜ).

Prof. Dr. Ahmet Yeşil, Dean for İÜ Faculty of Forestry made the opening speech and said that in Turkey, forestry education had been started with the Forestry School, which was established in 1857 by French foresters and he also said: “ The establishment aim of the school was to put the Ottoman forestry in order. Turkish Austrian collaboration history begins a 100 year ago after French foresters. Without help and great assistance of the University of BOKU and Austrian General Consolate in Istanbul , this organization would not have been carried out.”


Forestry General Manager Prof. Dr. İsmail Üzmez, “ As Forest Department of Republic of Turkey, we have an intense international cooperation agenda. General Directorate of Forestry participates actively in different levels of forestry processes.” IU Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Mahmut Ak thanked for contributions made by Austrian foresters to Turkish forests and told that French expers established the first forestry school.



Austrian Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management Deputy Secretary Dr.Johannes Schima said “ I am very proud to be here in İstanbul to celebrate the Cooperation between Austria and Turkey, which already exists for 100 years. Rector of BOKU Prof. Dr Martin Gerzabek, “It is of course a privilage and honour for me to follow the invitation of the prestigious Istanbul University to celebrate 100 years of cooperation in forest sciences between Turkey and Austria and specifically between out two instutions.”



Türkçe versiyonu: Türkiye-Avusturya Ormancılık İşbirliği 100.Yılı Kutlandı