Translated by Merve Reisoğlu

Prof. Dr. Thomas Sawidis has done his sabbatical in İstanbul University for about one year. He is professor in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. He indicates that the science he does gives him the opportunity to do art. “Both art and science deals with the concept of nature. What we are doing is to transfer the art from nature to our labs. That’s why we choose this title for this exhibition” says Prof. Dr. Sawidis.

By means of various kinds of microscopes, the nature of the molecules is seen. In his key study, which is about the resin ducts inside of the mastic tree grown in Chios Island, he researched how mastic is produced. His purpose is scientific, however, what he is doing is a kind of art as well. He has taken the photos of the molecules inside of different types of plants. He shares his photos with his colleagues and students. In addition to that he has given a seminar in İstanbul University Botanical Department building conference hall about his research and photographs.


He states “The photos that are taken evokes us the universe. The molecules are like stars or planets which are placed in the universe. That can be changeable because it is about your imagination and perception” Prof. Dr. Sawidis reaches the conclusion that we have art even in science.

He has taken the photos of plants in İstanbul University Alfred Heilbronn Botanical Garden, Zeytinburnu Medicinal Plants Garden, Atatürk Arboretum and other botanical gardens around the world.

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