Translated by Betül YÜNCÜOĞLU

In the conference which was held in İstanbul University Congress and Culture Central, speaker Gökhan Yücel talked about the social responsibility project “Anatolian Rock Revival” presenting his “The Story of a Period That Revives with Art and Technology” topical presentment.

Saying Anatolian Rock is very important in terms of period’s Turkish music, Yücel stated that there is an era in which art works are produced and commented without foreign music’s effects.

“We Should Transfer Old Music Works to Next Generations”

Yücel said “There is a problem about music archive in our country. A lot of music works are about to disappear and it makes us think as if there is no background before 1980’s. “But we should transfer old music works to next generations”.

Saying that Mongols Band started Anatolian Pop movement writing their own songs, Yücel stated Mongols are very researcher music band, and they are very respected band and make lots of original works travelling Anatolia and gathering instruments and ethnic rhythms .

“Kadıköy-Moda Was One of the Most Important Venues of Music”

Yücel said “In years 1960- 1970, lots of important musicians were dwelling in Kadıköy’s Moda district. Kadıköy- Moda was one of the most important venues of music.

He introduced the posters which were made by several illustrators with the association of old song within the context of Antolian Rock Revival.

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