Translated by Betül YÜNCÜOĞLU

Aclan Uraz, gave some information to students about photography at Pocket Cinema. Uraz said that photographers in Turkey have superiority complex and they call themself photographer artist. Stating that the biggest vulgarity is to call oneself artist Uraz said artist is a title that society give and not easy to have. Uraz remembered the speech of Ara Güler: “Photograph’s being a document is more important whether it is an art or not.”

Stating that Photojournalists in Turkey are unlucky, Uraz said they should’n be sent to every report. Uraz said: “Photojournalists should go the news they are inclined to.” Uraz told that photographers should be a human first then a photographer like Coşkun Aral. He also said “Very difficult, heartbreaking photographs are the best ones.”


Uraz who said technology made photographer bulky said “The biggest feature of technology speed. It makes works to be done faster.”Uraz said that photographer should have the knowledge of colors as a painter.

Uraz ended his speech saying: “If you do your job with passion and love, you will be successful. Yout name will be permanent.”

Türkçe Versiyonu: Aclan Uraz İÜ’DE