Angio through arm shortens the patient’s stay duration in clinic and its applicability is very easy. At the present time, in the treatment of heart-vein diseases this diagnosis and treatment method is frequently preffered by doctors. Angio through arm is applied twenty-four-seven to the patients in Istanbul University Cardiology Institute. Istanbul University Cardiology Institute Deputy Chief Physician Prof.Dr. Mustafa Yıldız answered wondered questions about the method.


The Possibility of Complication Is Lower”

Prof.Dr.Yıldız indicated, “In terms of patient-doctor comfort and stay duration in hospital, angio through arm method is more advantageous than angio through groin which is an old method. Patients who are treated with angio through arm are more comfortable and feel less pain during the treatment. He also said that, ‘’ in angio through arm, the possibility of complication incidance is lower than angio through groin. Also the the possibility of bleeding is lower after the treatment because arm vein is closer to the surface and there is a bone tissue behind it. In angio through groin, the situation is more different and in treatment controlling the bleeding can be hard and therefore patient must lie back for a long time (about 6 hours). This creates a negative effect for the patient’s comfort. Stating that they first evaluate the patient whether he/she is suitable for angio through arm, Prof.Dr.Yıldız said that they make a local cleaning and local anaesthesia,and thenthe process is completed with getting into the vein and inserting a tube into the vein using a technique named Seldinger.

Saying that the method of angio through arm has been performed ever since 80’s,Prof.Dr.Yıldız continued: “This practice gained speed in 90’s. The short period of process, patient’s being more comfortable and his/her feeling less pain, and the percentage of complications being less, made this practice more common. Thus the hospitalisation period is shortened. We usually discharge the patients to whom we performed angio through arm within two hours after the operation.”


“The Method Can Be Practiced More Than Once”

Remarking that the method of angio through arm can be practiced more than once and it is possible to practice on the other arm occasionally, Prof.Dr.Yıldız said that in some cases there may be a constriction which is called vasospasm on the vein and this might cause pain. He said that this method cannot be practiced on some patients. Because of the possibility of opening a fistule on the veins, and also if there is a complication on the vein zone on which angio will be practiced after the trauma, Prof.Dr.Yıldız said the practice cannot be operated on haemodialysed patients with chronic renal failure.

Prof.Dr.Yıldız said that this method is especially applicable considering all the specifications of it, which are the patient’s comfort, the doctor’s comfort, hospitalisation period and total cost, and thanks to this method, patients can go back to their normal lives and daily routines in a short span of time.

Translators: Bilge ATASEVER, MerveCeren EROĞLU

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