17th Internatıonal 1001 Documentary Fılm Festıval

Translated by Ege Öztokat

The Beşiktaş Municipality hosts this year’s Festival, with its repertoire of 54 films from 20 countries across the globe. Audiences will meet and come face-to-face with stories from around the world that bring to light many realities. Alongside 19 documentaries from Turkey, viewers will be able to see films from: the United States, Germany, Austria, Argentina, Denmark, Dubai, South Africa, Italy, Spain, Israel, Sweden, Switzerland, Japan, Cyprus, Lithuania, Lebanon, Mexico, Poland and Greece.

All film viewings and additional events with the 1001 Documentary Film Festival are free of charge. The locations of the screenings are as follows: Sahne Besiktas, the Levent Cultural Center, the French Cultural Institute, Sismanoglio Megaron, Aynali Gecit (Mirrored Passage) and lastly the Nazim Hikmet Cultural Center in Kadikoy.

In the International 1001 Documentary Film Festival, under the heading of Selections: 101, there will be a series of discussions which will bring students and first-time documentary filmmakers. A component of this program includes two cash prizes that will go to two directors that the jury is in charge of selecting. The first prize is worth 3,000 Turkish Liras and will be awarded to a director to support their next project. The second prize is worth 6,000 Turkish Liras and will be awarded to another director for post-production support.

Source: http://1001documentary.net/events.php